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Cyril Grandjean - Creator of the toolkit

During my work at Distrame, I have developed a Java web solution to measure the energy consumption of a building installed on an embedded device. Originally conceived for small companies, some big companies have been interested to buy several devices to measure the energy consumption of several buildings but it was impossible to meet their demands because data can’t be linked easily. Then, during the development of the solution, I’ve noticed that the creation of SQL requests could be automated by using some abstraction mechanisms without using some persistence frameworks such as EJB or Hibernate which would be too heavy for an embedded device. After having studied semantic web technologies, I have also noticed that SPARQL requests for RDF data stores (e.g. Jena) can also be automated using programming abstraction. The different problems encountered have inspired the topic of this project.

In my MSc software engineering dissertation, I started to develop the fundamental of the toolkit (Link to the dissertation document) and I am continuing to improve the toolkit with my growing experience.

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